Beryl grew up in Townsville and enjoyed a happy childhood. She finished year 10 soon after decided to set up roots in Brisbane where she met her husband Graham. They started a family and Beryl enjoyed the whirlwind of motherhood, grandmotherhood and now great-grandmotherhood.

Beryl used to engage in a great deal of volunteering at school and was asked if she could do a short stint of permanent work which of course she agreed to. She worked in schools till she was offered a job in special education for 6 weeks and since then never left. She absolutely loved working with special needs kids.

During this time is when Beryl was first aware of her dry mouth. As she was working at the school this involved a lot of talking which left her with a very dry mouth and uncomfortable feeling as sometimes it would be a full 2-hour stint of constant talking with the kids.

As Beryl got older, the dry mouth became more apparent. A dry mouth can be debilitating for particularly older people as it can affect swallowing, speaking and general well-being. Frustration was the biggest issue for Beryl. She became self-conscious when with people, felt like she was holding back, cut down on socialising and also became very aware of bad breath. After experiencing dry mouth for years, it can start to feel extremely difficult to escape the discomfort of it.

However, things changed when Beryl’s granddaughter-in-law introduced her to Osmist and offered her a bottle to try.

Beryl found that Osmist actually coats her mouth and left her with a fresh feeling straight away which makes a big difference when dry mouth can leave you with a horrible long-lasting and uneasy taste. She also found that her throat doesn’t dry out as nearly as often as before!

Once Beryl was introduced to the product, started using it regularly, she has happily agreed that Osmist has made a tremendous difference to her daily routine, enabling her to re-engage in socialising and eating and being able to appreciate the smaller things in life.

These small things really make a difference like not having to take your water bottle everywhere you go, and for Beryl that meant being able to go to her specialist appointment without it!

Thanks to Osmist, Beryl can taste life again and highly recommends it to anyone experiencing dry mouth.