Matt a father of 2 and lover of fishing and soccer, is a foreman who has spent the past two decades exposed to various working conditions that flare up his personal experience with dry mouth.

Growing up in beautiful New South Wales, his job as an apprentice carpenter was on much smaller sites and in wider, open spaces. As his career progressed he relocated to the city where worksites are less ventilated and more cluttered with tradespeople and tools, compromising air quality.

As a foreman, Matt finds himself conversing constantly throughout the day: liaising with clients, instructing tradespeople and apprentices, ordering materials and working with upper management.

Matt noticed that when lunch-time comes around, he is starting to feel the dryness, hoarseness and discomfort of a dry mouth which makes the last few hours of the day incredibly uncomfortable and frustrating.

After being introduced to Osmist and using it has soon as he feels his dry mouth starting, he instantly feels refreshed, more comfortable and able to run his day, and his site, smoothly.